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Fantasys Escort Service Rates

Operating Hours: 9am to 11:00pm est
NOTE: OVERNIGHT REQUESTS (12 hour appointments) For a Fantasys
Escort Takes Precedent Over The Current Posted Schedules
and we strongly urge you to consider one, our personal favorites!
If You provide us with at Least 48 Hours Advance Notice we'll try to arrange
It for you. A 2-4 hour request may "bring her to me" on a non-scheduled day.
Incalls are a complimentary service that we provide at no additional cost to
our clients, however, not all ladies can do it and not all areas are able to
provide it to smaller appointments, such as 1 hours in major populace areas.


Fantasy Companions

1 hour
1.5 hours
2 hours
3 hours
4 hours
6 hours
12 hours-Overnights
24 hours
The Weekender Fri-Sun
2 Girls hour
2 Girls 6 hours
Couples-1 hour


Couples-1.5 hours
Couples-2 girls hr
Couples 2 girls 1.5 hrs
Couples-2 hours
Couples-3 hours


Couples-6 hours
Couples-Overnight 12 hours $2,000      

A request for a Fantasy Escort on an un-scheduled day or in an unpublicized area is possible with certain travel
considerations of course. Requests outside of the immediate service areas usually require a 2-3 hour minimum and
may necessitate even longer. Please do not hesitate to phone and request any lady to come to you once you've been
Verified and have a current Fantasys Client Code and Fantasys Username.

Cancelations & Emergencies
Should an emergency arise, as they sometimes do at the last minute, we ask for a reasonable amount of time to
cancel your appointment before the model is in transit or has made reservations gentlemen.

Please be considerate of the effort your Companion and Fantasys has made on your behalf. This is a business
that incurs expenses and we expect you to conduct yourself as professionally as they do. Of course we promise
complete discretion in contacting you and will never contact you at home or work unless otherwise instructed to do
so by you on your application for screening.

Fantasys reputation is unblemished and our 30 year history is easily found in any Internet archive as
further evidence that we deliver on our guarantees and our promises to you. You are in good hands.

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